India mein harr cheez ka cover hai.
Mobile se leke Laptop tak
Car se leke Fridge tak.
TV se toothbrush tak.

Is desh ko proud karne waale 'Covers ke Lovers' ke liye laayein hai hum bade proudly 'Museum of Covers'.
Humaare saath kariye dis-cover India ka khaas pyaar har cheez ko cover karne ka.
Do you have a cover-story of your own?

Just share it with us.

*This contest is an initiative towards Customer Engagement and strictly not for any solicitation purpose. The participation is solely at the discretion of the customer.

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Step 1

Capture a picture of a cover

Step 2

Upload the image on our microsite & write a cover story

Step 3

Submit your entry and stay tuned to win a prize*

Gallery of covers

Showcasing India's love for covers

Life mein harr cheez ka cover hai, par life ke cover ka kya?

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